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Professional oral hygiene prevents caries, inflammation of gums and periodontitis. Professional oral hygiene is recommended before any dental procedures and as a prophylactic measure 2-4 times a year. In Dentus clinic professional oral hygiene is made using modern oral hygiene technologies: Calculus and dental plaque are eliminated using the gentle Swiss EMS No Pain ultrasonic scaler that is safe to enamel and gums and ensures maximum patient comfort during the procedure. After eliminating calculus, dental surfaces are polished using air-flow. To ensure maximum cleanness the dental surfaces in deep periodontal are polished using special subgingival air-flow kit. Implants and tooth root surfaces are polished with special especially soft powder for subgingival polishing. Such polishing eliminates soft dental plaque, biofilm from implant and tooth root surfaces, and prevents peri-implantitis and periodontitis.

After professional oral hygiene you will enjoy naturally shining white teeth and a sense of cleanness and comfort.

Price: 65-75 EUR


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