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If your teeth are not white enough or discoloured for some reason then teeth whitening is the best choice.

Dentus dental clinic has one of the safest methods of teeth whitening – in-office whitening using probably the fastest system in the world - SDI Pola office+.

In-office whitening means the whitening of teeth at Dentus dental clinic that takes less than 1 hour.After the teeth whitening procedure, the oral hygiene specialist will recommend appropriate care to keep teeth white for a long time.

Whitening of non-vital teeth Dead teeth that have undergone endodontic treatment lose their natural colour over time, darkening, and discolouring. This is especially important when such tooth is aesthetically visible. We provide the whitening of non-vital teeth to restore natural colour. Before the whitening of non-vital tooth, the quality of endodontic treatment needs to be evaluated. In the case of doubt, root canal treatment needs to be repeated.


If you have white, yellow or brown stains on your teeth enamel, the whitening of teeth might not be sufficient. Microabrasion is a minimally invasive procedure to remove unwanted stains. To ensure the best result after the microabrasion, it is recommended to coat teeth for several weeks with remineralizing cream, and if necessary the whitening of teeth should be carried out.

Microabrasion removes stains, and the natural glossy layer of enamel regenerates within two months.

Maintenance of whitening results Opalescence Go universal whitening trays are recommended to retain whitening results. Opalescence Go are disposable well adhering whitening trays with unique qualities. The trays are universal so suitable for straight and crowded teeth. We recommend using one Opalescence Go whitening tray for 60-90 minutes a day.


Price: 180 Eur. 


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