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Dental prosthesis is chosen when dental functions and aesthetics cannot be restored by fillings.

Veneers are thin porcelain pieces made in a laboratory, used to recreate the natural look of teeth. Veneers are a method of prosthesis preserving the tooth structure, as the veneers are only attached to the external tooth surface. It is an excellent alternative to dental crowns, and is more reliable than aesthetic fillings as they do not discolour over time and remain bright.

Fixed prostheses: individual crowns, bridges attached to the teeth or the surface of implants.

The basis for metal ceramic prosthesis is a metal frame covered by a ceramic layer that matches the natural colour of teeth. It is a strong and aesthetic way of restoration. Though metal ceramics are successfully used for the restoration of front and back teeth, their drawback is the metal basis of the prosthesis that is susceptible to light absorption - hence metal ceramics look less clear than a natural tooth.

The basis of zirconia ceramics prostheses is a frame of white zirconium oxide which is very durable. In contrast to metal ceramics, zirconia ceramics are characterized by light permeability so they are especially aesthetic. Zirconia ceramics are recommended for the restoration of front and back teeth, individual teeth and large teeth defects.

Non-metal ceramic restorations are produced solely from ceramics without a dark metal basis, therefore they are light permeable with good aesthetics. As non-metal ceramics contain no metal frame this type of restoration are not as durable, non-metal ceramics are recommended for the restoration of individual front teeth.

Removable prostheses are used when fixed prostheses cannot be used (where lost teeth cannot be replaced by implants or bridges), or are used as a temporary solution after extracting teeth and when planning to replace with implants.

Aesthetic dentures – dentures of 1–3 teeth usually chosen as a temporary replacement for aesthetic defects after tooth extraction for a patient to be comfortable until the defect is repaired by a permanent prosthesis or an implant.

Price: form 250 Eur. 


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